About Us

The surname “Madhavapeddi” inspires respect, portrays dignity and symbolizes excellence in varied walks of human life.

Be it the ever-green sensational song that rocked the telugu cinema like “vivaha bhojanambu” or the delicate fine art of Sri Gokhale or the astonishingly simple rendition of poems and dialogues of Sri Venkataramaiah and satyam, people in the Madhavapeddi family stand out as self-made people of substance.

In fact, the excellence in Madhavapeddi family is barely restricted to the realm of fine arts or entertainment. They were reputed for their enviable success in the halls of justice and the halls of education setting standards which are difficult to emulate by rendering distinguished service in public life in various capacities.

They inspire respect because they are talented. They portray dignity because they are self made men. They symbolized excellence because of their achievements.

We have scientists, engineers, artists, musicians, bankers not to mention distinguished lawyers, doctors and educationists who have treaded every walk of life with dedication and diligence.

We have people in this family who have made a name for themselves beyond the frontiers of their state at national and international level.

To be born in Madhavapeddi family is to be born with respect and with a challenge to keep up the awe-some reputation. And I believe each generation only proved to be better than the earlier one.

We feel fortunate to be born in this family and pay my respects to all those family members, past and present, who make us feel proud about ourselves.

What and how the last name “Madhavapeddi” came into vogue:

It is due to the ancestor's work towards God. Nageswarasastry from Nellore district came over to Kodur, as he received the village of Kodur as a gift-enam from a chieftan Anavemareddy who ruled the Gurazala area. This is found in a document discovered in Madras library by Late Madhavapeddi Kalidasu garu. A copy is said to be available with Madhavapeddi Radhakrishnamurthy garu and may be put into this site. Nageswarasastry was a great mantra expert and was a great Krishna bhakta and built the temple of Venugopalaswamy. Hence Madhavapeddi - Madhava is Krishna, peddi -pedda is the leader of bhaktas and his progeny are so peddis .Sri Nageswarasastry, it is said, had a white serpent-suddhasathwa Kundalini as his daughter and Nagarapubomma is the temple for this serpent power - Kundalinishakti. It is also said Shirdi Sai Baba was well looked after by Madhavapeddis when he toured Andhra and so Baba said He will look after the welfare of Madhavapeddi families.