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Profile of Mr. Madhavapeddi Krishna Prasad (Chennai) 

Original Name put by my father at the time of birth : Madhavapeddi Babu Sri Krishna Vara Prasad (M.B.S.K.V.Prasad)

Subsquently changed as : M.K.Prasad(Madhavapeddi Krishna Prasad) (By publishing in A.P.Govt's Gazette)

Popularly known as : M.Prasad (Madhavapeddi Prasad) (Name familiar in Media & T.V.Serials)

Date Of Birth: 11th July 1941

Date of Marriage: 27th July 1963

Name of father: Madhavapeddi Lakshmi Narasaih

(M.L.Narasiah -- Adopted in Madhavapeddi family)

Name of mother: Smt.Madhavapeddi Sundaramma (Hails from Pillalamarri family of AP)           


Names Of Brother's & Sister's

1) Late Smt. Gullapalli Atchamamba ( W/o Late Sri Gullapalli Punnayya Sashtry, Guntur )

2) Late Sri Madhavapeddi Nageswara Rao, Work-shop Engineer, Andhra CementsVijayawada     ( F/o Play back singer Late Madhavapeddi Ramesh and present Music Director Madhavapeddi Suresh)

3) Late Sri Madhavapeddi Gopala Krishna Gokhale ( M.G.K Gokhale--- Famous Film ArtDirector of Vijaya Productions Chennai & others-- Famous Portrait Artist and Story Writer)

4)Late Sri Madhavapeddi Satyanarayana Murthy (Popularly known as Madhavapeddi Satyam, Famous Playback Singer)

5)Smt.A.Nagalakshmi -- ( AIR Artist---- W/o late Sri A.Ramana Rao - Retd. as Sr.Admn.Officer, APSEB Hyderabad)

6)Smt S.Kasturi ( W/o Late Sri Samavedam Janakirama Sundar Rao--Retd. as Municipal Commissioner, Rajahmundry , AP)

7)Late Sri Madhavapeddi Lakshmidas Gandhi ( M.L.Gandhi -- A Popular Light Music Singer in Tenali &   sorrounded  areas)

8) Sri Madhavapeddi Krishna Prasad--- Last son & youngest of the family

 All the children's names were chosen by father in memory of  national political & Popular leaders of CONGRESS party  who sacrifised for country to obtain FREEDOM to IndiaEducational


     1) B.Com.,CAIIB (First person,who has passed SSLC and became  a Graduatte among our     brothers and sisters).
     2)Hindi Rashtrabhasha
     3)Typewriting Hr.Gr
     4)Shorthand Lr.Gr.    


1) Typist In Pattabhipuram Housing Society, Guntur   ( Through the help of late sister      Smt.Gunturi Nagalakshmi)

 2) Typist IN the Office of Chief Inspector Of Boilers, Guntur .

 3) Typist in Nagarjuna Sagar Project, Macherla.

 4) Prasad Publicities, Madras (Advtg.Co.)

 5) Steno in the office of Gogineni Mica Co. Gudur

 6) Steno in the Directorate of Agrl. HYD.

 7) Steno in AP Secretariat

 8) Clerk-Cum-Typist in SBI at Madras (now Chennai)   from July 1966 onwards)    Retired as Manager (Gr III) in SBI in July 2001 at Chennai Zonal Office

Dramatic Career

1) As a member of Sanatnagar Sanskrithika Sangham ,acted in many   Dramas , such as "Pareeksha" , "Bajanthreelu" , & some musical dramas

2) Got 2nd Best Production for Drama "Prasanthi" Conducted by Andhra Social Club-- Chennai

3) Best Production for Drama "Manchu Theralu" Conducted by AP Sectariat Cultural Associations,HYD.

4) Participated as Singer in AIR Programmme throughAP Sectariat Cultural Association, HYD

Through Badruka College of Commerce & Arts , Kachiguda HYD 3Yrs continuously received Best Production Awards in Twin Cities

In Inter Collegiate Cultural Programme Competitions Conducted by Seven Stars Syndicate Hyd.

Received 1st prize in Group Singing Copetitions Conducted by Seven Stars  Syndicate.

Honoured Famous Film Star Sri Akhineni Nageshwara Rao & Famous Writer & Artist Sri Gollapudi Maruthi Rao at Badruka College

During Cultural Prog Anniversary.

Career In T.V. Serials At Chennai Acted First in AVM's Telugu T.V. Serial "JYOTHI" (Gemini Channel)

In Nov 2001 after retirement from SBI in JUL 2001

Acted , so far in about 90 T.V. Seriels of Telugu/Tamil & few Films

Acted in Famous Banners Of T.V. Serials , Such as : AVM , Balaji Tele Films , Radaan , ETV , Nimbus ,  7th Channel , UTV , Ravi Prasad Videos , Suresh Televisions ,  Hansa Visions , Satya Jyothi, & manyother Y.V. Serials 

 Names of Popular Film Artist with whom Acted

1)Smt Jaya Sudha ( Radaan's Telugu Serial "Gayathri")

2)Smt Ramya Krishna ("Kalasam" Tamil Serial)

3) Smt Kinera (Hansa's  "Ammakosam", & Satya Jyothi's "Samsaram"  Telugu Serials)

4) Smt Yamuna ( Balaji's "Pavitrabandha" telugu Serial  )

5) Smt Kutti Padmini ("Kalasam" tamil)

6) Smt Radhika (Radaan's "Gayarti" & " Ammayi Kapuram" Telu Serial)

7) Smt Pallavi  ( Saregama's " Namo Venkatesa Telugu serial)

8) Smt Jyothi Lakshmi   ( Saregama's " Namo Venkatesa Telugu serial)

9) Smt.Ravali   ( Saregama's " Namo Venkatesa Telugu serial)  

10)Smt Prabha ( Radaan's "Ninne Pelladutha" Telugu Serial)

11)Smt Eashwari Rao  Radaan's "Ninne Pelladutha" Telugu Serial)

12)Sri Nara   ( Balaji's " Kalyani " Telugu serial)

13) Sr Vinod ("Tarangini")

14) Sri Narasimha Raju (Radaan's "Ammyi Kapuram Telugu Serial)

15)Sri Ranganath ("Kartyam " telugu serial)

16) Costume Krishna ("Haasya Ramayanam" telugu serial)

17) Sri Raj Kumar ( Balaji's "Pavitra Bandham telugu Serial)

18) Sri Bhimeshwara Rao ( Balaji's "Kalyani" telugu)

19) Late Sri Saakshi Rangarao ( "Ammakosam , Sarvamangala , & Gangothri" Telugu serials)

20) Sri Sarath Babu ( Saregama's "Namo Venkateso"&  Vennelamma telugu serails )

 21)Bhanu Chandar ("Kartavyam" & Vennelamma telugu Serials)

22) Chandra Mohan ( "Mr & Mrs Subba Rao " telugu serial)

23)Sri Subhalekha Sudhakar ( Radaan's "Rajugari Koothurllu Telugu Serial)

24)Sri Nizhalgal Ravi ( Famous Tamil Artist-- "Ninne Peladutha " Telugu Serial)

25)Sri Prasad Babu   ( Famous Tamil Artist-- "Ninne Peladutha " Telugu Serial)

26) Sri Vajay Babu  ( Famous Tamil Artist-- "Ninne Peladutha " Telugu Serial)